20 Apr 2007

The end of the Campaign is in sight!

Yesterday we covered land and sea, modern and old, by taking in the USS Wisconsin at Norfolk Virginia's Naval museum, and then the museum and battlefield tour of the British defeat (!!) at Yorktown in the American War of Independance. Apparently we almost accidentally surrendered to the French, so a narrow escape there then....

The Wisconsin is rather large and very grey,

..and the Yorktown site is fantastic - a really American place, in that it allows drive through tours, where you dont even have to get out of the car to see some of the sights and read the information boards.

We ended up in ex Capital of the Confederacy, Richmond, and today our agenda should include the museum here, then a trip to Manassas and Antietam ("Anne-tee-tam"). The Museum of Aviation near Dulles Airport is on the list for Friday.

Unfortunately the business centre computeres in the places we have been staying recently are cleverly put together, and I cant upload photos from my camera to them, but there will be plenty coming in the next few weeks !

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