18 Apr 2007

18th - Wednesday

We are now in Winston-Salem, a traditional town where the residents still believe the Prime Minister of England is a Witch.

Yesterday we attempted to drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway whilst listening to Bluegrass music and spitting chewed corn cobs out of the car window every 200 yeards. This proved somewhat difficult as the Parkway was closed - for no apparent reason.

Last night a local resident narrowly escaped a heavy beating, as we walked 6 blocks to find what our guidebook described as the best restaurant in Winston Salem, as all three of us had just about reached the EU legal limit for the number of fried and grilled meat based meals one is allowed to have in any one week, and we were desparate for "proper" food.

Unfortunately the restaurant was closing as we walked in (at 930pm), but the barman was able to helpfully recommend an alternative. When we asked him what it served, he volunteered the information "Oh yeah, they serve REALLY great Chicken Wings. And the Sandwiches and Ribs are excellent too...."

He will live his life not knowing how lucky he was...and we are one step closer to believing Clarkson is right - here is more Top Gear

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