15 Mar 2012

What on earth have I been up to...?

With a month or so since the last post, here's a random selection of the many painting projects that have been filling my time instead of adding content to this site.

As diverse as WW2 Japanese, TYW Germans, Italian Wars Swiss and Falklands-era British, there are a bunch of photos of figures to prove I've actually been doing some gaming related stuff recently...

(PS - the Links Page on this site has been updated and tidied up too) 


TamsinP said...

What? No mention of your 25-0 victory over me in the club FoG:AM tourney? ;)

You've definitely been busy with the painting, and some nice units there :)

sebastosfig said...

My goodness. That is a lot of different periods/armies

Madaxeman said...

Aaah - I only remeber games where I take photos!

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