7 Apr 2012

Farnboro 2012 - 4 Match Reports

4 comprehensive reports from games using an Imperial Spanish army, compiled at a recent 500 AP, 4-games-in-a-day FoG:R competition held in Farnboro.
This was quite an unusual format of event, as we used 40mm movement distances,which certainly meant the action started pretty quickly ! I was initially a little concerned that 500AP might be too few, but again, most people seemed to be able to eke out 10+ unit armies, and the table didn't seem that sparsely populated, or certainly not to the extent that LH or mounted armies dominated in any way. 

All in all a good format, and fitting 4 games (or 1&3/4 hours each) into a single day was also a very good use of my time, so many thanks to Richard and the club at Farnboro' for organising it - looking forward to the next one already ! 


TamsinP said...

Sounds like you had fun.

One quick question/comment? Isn't 40mm the normal MU for 25/28mm games?

Madaxeman said...

nope, its 'officially' the same as for 15mm..


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