27 May 2013

The Southern League 2013 - London Round, Full Results

The London round of the Southern League 2013 covered the period of Revolution & Turmoil in the UK 1639-1688, allowing a choice of armies from Early Caroline English, Scots Covenanter, Scots Royalist, Confederate Irish, Early ECW Royalist, ECW Parliamentarian, Later ECW Royalist, New Model Army, Restoration British, Covenanting Rebels, Monmouth Rebellion

The full results and photo's are online now


andyfinkel said...

Is Tim Mayall's Parliamenmtarian list, as published on the FoGR Wiki, legal? Cuirassiers can only be included before 1644, and can't be combined with Ironsides, yet Tim's list contains Superior Determined Horse, which before 1644 means they are Ironsides.

Madaxeman said...

Yep, you may well be correct! Ooops!

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