26 May 2014

15mm PSC Infantry being painted

I bought a box of Plastic Soldier Company's new re-tooled WW2 British in 15mm recently. The box is excellent value, with three full platoons of figures, including light support weapons all in one box - almost 150 figures!

I decided to paint them up "on the sprue" as an experiment - and here is a full walk-through of that process, showing the paints I used and some photo's of the finished articles as well :


Balkandave said...

What a good idea, painting on the sprues. Never occurred to me, thanks.

Tankguy1 said...

Block of wood drilled with many holes with loose flat head nails in it. Drop of white glue on the nail and one figure per nail.
Allows you to spray paint all of the figures and hand paint details by picking up the nail. Pop off the nail after figures are finished. Only problem PSC being painted on sprue is after clipping off retouching the points you cut.

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