12 May 2014

Impressive service from Front Rank Figurines

I ordered a handful of 28mm figures to paint up as trophies for the Central London round of the FoGR Southern League from Front Rank Figurines only a couple of days ago (actually about 10 o'clock at night on Thursday the 8th May) and here they are, through my letterbox first thing on Monday 12th!

Not only is that amazing service, the figures are also absolutely stunning too. I'll have to go and vote for them on the 28mm Renaissance Manufacturers Listings page on this website !

Here are a Scottish infantry commander and a Louix XIV Era foot officer, both ready to be based and painted as 15mm FoGR Great Commanders.

Let's see if my painting skills can come anywhere near close to those of the sculptor ...


David Cooke said...

They are fantastic looking figures! When are you getting back into ancients though? Want to see some biblicals AAR's!

Madaxeman said...

Can't see it whilst FoG:AM remains the ruleset of choice for Ancients I'm afraid. I'm sort of waiting fr Art de la Guerre in English for later this year...

David Cooke said...

Interested in your view of FOG:AM as I was considering buying it again and give it another try. I really want to like Impetvs but haven't been able to. That leaves me with Ancient and Medieval wargaming by Neil Thomas which are fun but need work!

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