1 Mar 2015

New Rules, Same Incompetence? Romans take to the field under ADLG

The Legions of Roman take part in what is probably the first ever UK event for ancients ruleset L'Art de la Guerre. They play Indians, Middle Romans and Palmyrans in three tightly themed standard sized games in one day.

The rules are translated from French, but did the Romans find it was all Greek to them ?

Find out for yourself in a series of 3 reports with lots of rules-learning tips in there too


Unknown said...

Remember your mounted can dismount if you face elephants ;)

Madaxeman said...

remember? I didn't know it to start with...

Mike B said...

Thanks for a brilliant introduction to the game. I can't wait to come last in any number of L'art comps, it will be like old times!
Great post
Mike B

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