24 Dec 2017

The Madaxeman Christmas Bonus - a one-off, festive ADLG Match Report

In a rare festive treat, your post-lunch turkey-digesting can now be undertaken in the company of a one-off Madaxeman.com L'Art de la Guerre Battle Report, featuring a matchup between the Sassanid Persians and Attila's Huns!

Santa's sack is positively bulging as it seeks to contain the excitement in this report , which is as comprehensively stuffed with goodies as a classic Christmas pudding is stuffed with health-and-safety-challenging sixpences.

There are maps, comments from both of the generals involved as well as Hannibal's usual pithy analysis, a host of animations and videos and all of the usual captions and comments too.

So, grab yourself an egg-nogg, pull up a comfy sweater and dive into the Sassanid vs Hunnic Christmas Match Report


Anonymous said...

Well done, sir! Once again, your multi-media efforts have proved engaging, entertaining, and educational.
It is not every day that one can combine Huns, Sassanids, and a pop-culture movie starring the "I still have some hair on my head" Bruce Willis.

Thanks, however belatedly, for an enjoyable year of ADLG battle reports.

Here's hoping that 2018 continues to provide excellent examples of your prolific professionalism.

Best to you and yours on this Christmas and for the New Year.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the report, it has helped entertrain me on a untimely hospital visit.


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