13 Dec 2018

WiP 15mm Assyrians

A Museum Miniatures January sale order finally makes it onto the painting table... after the somewhat disappointing outings so far for the Mycenaeans, these are the first bases of Assyrians to be fully finished as I test out colour schemes for this army.

The uniform scheme I’m going with is rather dour, with dark blues and reds. This seems to suit the ruthless efficiency of the Assyrian war machine. 

No doubt the final army will also end up having the old classic wargamers trope of different coloured shields for the Elite and Regular quality troops!


I an still undecided about patterned horse blankets. Could easily look too gaudy. 

My original army list to use the figures I bought doesn’t bear much resemblance to any of the Assyrian lists I’ve been beaten by this year, so an extra order may be required. Luckily there should be another sale along soon!



Phil said...

Awesome, splendid minis for a splendid army!

L'Empereur Zoom 13 said...

We like a lot those figures !
We Paint many of them et some recently :

Drew Jarman said...

I did the same thing last year with my Sargonids. I ended up with left over figures of course which are now in a small box.

Madaxeman said...

I have only 2 left over figures...!

Sourabh said...

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