18 Dec 2018

Xyston "Egyptian Spearmen"

Along with the Assyrians the festive Madaxeman workbench has been a home for quite some time for 2 packs of Xyston Egyptian Spearmen, bought from Damian at Donnington at Attack! in Devizes earlier this year.

They fall into the category of "I'm not quite sure what to do with them but they are great figures so I bought them anyway". If only there was an army list for this I'd be able to field all sorts of stuff from my collection much more often!

There are probably a couple of armies that they can appear in - some of the "non NKE" Egyptian ones in the ADLG lists, and given the shields I could maybe sneak them into an Assyrian or Babylonian lineup as well I guess.

I did the clever painter-y thing on their kilts of doing darker stripes of blue, and then adding a lighter, thinner stripe inside them to give an impression of some texture.

White undercoats for the men, black for the shields. The shields are stuck on with my go-to solution for shields, 2-part "liquid metal" epoxy from Araldite (affiliate link).

Basing is the usual sand + Rustins Wood Stain + 2 layers of drybrushing before adding some tufts and static grass


Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Yes, I did the same
I had seen these boys on Xyston years ago and thought "some day"
So that day came last month
But instead of a sensible eight it was a crazy twenty four
I have them down for Xerxes Great Greek Invasion
Thanks for the painting inspiration
Much appreciated

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

Nice looking unit. The striped pants are a great touch.

Phil said...

Inspired job, love the shields and pants, awesome!

L'Empereur Zoom 13 said...

We paint them too even if We have never played with !
see here : https://lempereurzoom13.blogspot.com/2018/12/lanciers-egyptiens.html
Good idea the white & blue dress !

Madaxeman said...

I had 16, not 8... !

mikeguth said...

Inspired to upgrade my rather ordinary Museum Miniatures chariots, I found lots of usable images. I am also inept with the computer. But whatever the microsoft photo program is, I got the images to usable size without resizing. I did this by using the 35 images per sheet setting. Click on the image, click print, click 35/page at the bottom of the list of sizes.

11mm/22 mm is just a bit large for the front of chariot. Fixed with scissors. No problem. 11x11 for the side plates.


mikeguth said...

What I meant is, Thanks Tim!

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