4 Apr 2019

Oi! You! Peasants!

The last (for now) iteration of the Great Biblical Army Painting Frenzy is three units of levy.

They fit naturally in the Assyrian army, where the high quality (and cost) of many of the line troops means that adding in some levy occasionally may well be a good idea, but there are other armies than can also use some. too.

With that in mind I chose to use Museum's Minoan and Mycenean range as the basis for these units, making them up out of naked spearmen and bowmen, together with a couple of slinger figures - as how much more generic can you get if you haven't got a uniform at all?

The paint job is kinda simple!

I guess if I ever try and run more than he 9 proper Mycenean spear units I own I could even press-gang these to serve as extra (ill-equipped) spearmen!


Phil said...

Always glad to see peasants...Nice job and wonderful period!

Ray Rousell said...

Very nice.

Drew Jarman said...

Try Sargonids with 50 elements of Hordes! https://drewjarman.blogspot.com/2017/10/secret-new-15mm-ancient-army-project.html

Madaxeman said...

Looking back, the idea of someone writing a ruleset and army list featuring 50 hordes is bordering on the insane (unless its for Spartacus!). Painting 400 figures who are not there to fight but instead just to act as markers to denote a game design level function of increasing a small high quality army's resilience. What were we thinking of! At least in ADLG no army gets more than maybe 3-4 Hordes.

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