11 Apr 2020

Teeny-tiny lazy soldiers... 6mm ultra-moderns

Before the Lockdown there were these things called "Wargaming trade shows", where you could see stuff, talk to the people selling it and then give them actual cash to buy it - imagine that? And all of it was much more friendly that this internet + delivery malarkey we're all playing at now. 

At the penultimate show I went to, PAW back in January, I picked up some modern British Mainforce infantry from Colonel Bills second hand figures display, which I've been meaning to paint up to go with the refurbished middle eastern ultra-moderns that I've been gradually working through over the past few months - and as they are dead easy to do, here they are:

The paler-cammo-painted troops here are half of a British Modern Mechanised Infantry set. If you don't know Mainforce's range, each individual base is a single piece of metal with the men moulded onto it in a prone position.

This concept is one I find is really great, as they don't break or bend like standing soldiers, they are easier to store, and anyway most modern infantry probably spend a lot of time lying down already!

The painting is as easy as you can imagine - spray the whole lot with Bleached Bone first, then ink the lot with a dark wash, let it dry and then 'damp-brush' the infantrymen's bodies.

To finish them off from there I do flesh coloured blobs for hands and faces, and pick out the weapons and boots in fairly bold colours (this time I used dark brown for boots, black guns, and green for the support weapons) and away you go

I painted up the other half of the pack as "enemy", with a darker brown for uniforms and black boots as well - giving them all green helmets too for that ex-soviet militia army look.

A spot of static grass completes the lot.

I glued all of the metal pieces onto magnabase before spraying them - this means they can be magnetized onto a ferrous sheet for safer storage, and adds more depth to each base making them a bit easier to pick up off the table as well

The pack I bought has eighteen infantry bases, five Command, eight Milan anti-tank missiles, seven light mortars, nine GPMGs and two Javelins.

But at this scale they do all kinda just look like blokes lying down with guns and stuff to be honest, so for my purposes splitting the pack in half and creating two sets of troops for opposing sides is absoluely fine.

Splitting the pack gives each side 10+ infantry bases and a load of support weapons

My previous experienmce with these was a few years ago when I probably used the same set to create Brits in DPM cammo for the European theatre. They are also still all online here

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