7 Feb 2021

10mm WW2 - The Allies

The "refurbish and replace" campaign for my WW2 Blitzkrieg Commander collection is now gathering pace. 

Or, put another way, painting stripes on German tanks is a right PITA so I have given myself a break and instead managed to bash out the entire allied contingent in a week or so as they have no cammo at all!

The end result is a force containing models and figures from Pithead, Pendraken, Victrix, Butlers Printed Models, Minifigs and Arrowhead, all of which have been painted in a fetching and thankfully simple Bronze Green + drybrush scheme and based using my new basing system of stained sand on mdf bases. 

There are loads more photos of these models on the Madaxeman website as well as a whole page of the Germans too

(I did cheat a little by using the Vallejo German Track colour, but hopefully no-one will notice....)

Victrix Shermans

Victrix, Pithead and then Pendraken Shermans

Arrowhead Cromwell

British Para support units 

Arrowhead infantry with Pithead motorcyclists added in

Pendraken Priest and Sherman Flail

Minifigs Bren Carriers

Recce units from a variety of sources

Pithead British Para Jeep

Butlers Printed Models British trucks and Quad tractor
Staghound from Pithead

Churchill Crocodile from Arrowhead
Pithead Artillery Observer up a ladder strapped to a truck (!)

There are loads more photos of these models on the Madaxeman website as well as a whole page of the Germans too

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