19 Feb 2021

10mm Paras - US Rebased & British 17pdrs

 Entering the home stretch of the rebasing and replacing of my 10mm WW2 forces now, and leaving me with "only" (laughs maniacally...) a load of German late war 3-tone cammo tanks to do it's the turn of the US paras to be rebased, and also for three Pendraken 17pdr guns to come to the aid of my British Paras and British Army troops. 

I now have two Para-crewed 17pdrs and one "British Khaki dudes" one 

I'm not sure why I didn't have any of these before to be honest - I seem to have loads of 6pdrs though

The sloped front plate is really distinctive. 
I also managed to get plenty of the para crew in red berets, which Podcast listeners will be pleased to hear no doubt. 

These are mostly Arrowhead Paras, although the guys with mohicans are Pendraken "pathfinder" figures.
 As with my rant about berets, I am still puzzled as to why there aren't more mohican-sporting figures in the Pendraken range ! ! 
These are now quite old - I have pictures of them on their previous basing dating back to at least 2009

These are on 40x30 bases, so sort of mini-FOW sized really 
I also based some figures up as spotters and a recce platoon  - and there are some prome HMG teams too to round out the force. 

1 comment:

Phil said...

Nciely done, beautiful units!

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