14 Mar 2021

Persians, Thracians and ...10mm Barons War?

The last week has seen a bit of a flurry of activity as a few purchases from the Museum Miniatures sale have made it to the top of the pile, together with some more Xyston Persians to go with the Cyrus' Mobile Towers of last year.

These are sold by Museum as Scythian horse archers, from their recent "Z" range of releases.

I'm using them as Thracians, by painting them in a similar style to some rather venerable Xyston Thracian infantry which were bought as a couple of FoG AM units, but which I have recently worked out could almost make up an entire ADLG army with a bit of extra stuff added to them.

As is usual with these new Museum figures, whilst the 15mm scale castings aren't (of course) quite as sharp as the 3D renders on their website would suggest, they do paint up nicely and have a pleasing amount of variety in the poses and clothing of the figures in each set too. 

Here I've mixed in a pack of Greek Light Horse (the javelin-armed figures) with mounted Scythian-style archers to create some Thracian cavalry who could serve both as Getae horse archers or as normal Thracians.

I've also complete another 4 units of Persian cavalry, with the eventual aim of making up a "loads of poor quality mounted" Achaemenid Persian list for ADLG.

These are Xyston castings, superbly detailed which I have painted up in a rather irregular paint scheme.

Most of these figures have some sort of scale armour, so I've done a few with metal and the rest with leather effect on the scales.

These are Thracian light horse javelinmen gain from Museum - the bear-headed Greek Light Horse from Museum making up much of the unit, with some hand-made shields added cut out from stiff card to "Thracian-ize" them.

Again they come with a good variety of poses even within each pack.

This is a head-on comparison photo showing the Xyston cavalry on the left and the Museum Z range ones on the right. The Xystons are two-piece castings and here it really shows how this allows their figures to be "wider" whereas the one piece casting Museum ones are a little "linear" by comparison, with the rider's pose very much in line with the horse. 

Another comparison shot, this time with the Museum figures on the left.

This weekend I also got a parcel through from Ryan McKnight (admin of the very useful Wargames  Events and Shows page on Facebook) who is producing them through a kickstarter at the moment under the banner of Apocalypse Miniatures 

It's many years since I painted up any 10mm medievals, but these look really sharp (and I'm a sucker for a freebie!) so when I was offered some I couldn't resist! 

This coming week I'll be divvying up the sample pack Ryan sent across and arranging a clandestine meeting (probably at the Hangar Lane Gyratory System) with Dave from the Madaxeman Podcast (Frumentarius23 on Instagram) so I can share them with him, and we will both have a go at painting them and see how they come out in the next few weeks.  


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Phil said...

Such a splendid cavalry, well done!!

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