5 Mar 2021

Refurbished Teutonics & Medievals

 With a massive stack of bases from Pendraken's Minibits offshoot in my possession I've been taking a short break from painting and instead doing some upgrade and refurbishment work on a whole load of under-loved and slightly tired looking older figures recently. 

It not only makes a change from painting, but upgrading the basing and tidying up long lost figures does mean you can achieve a result really quickly!

The latest batch to into the ankle-deep water bath are some medievals, from Roundway and Fighting 15's Gladiator Games ranges (more of which later!) which I have rebased and added a few extra bits to as well.

These figures are mostly (all?) from the Gladiator Games Crusades ranges, listed as "Frankish" crusading dismounted knights and spearmen. 

Rebasing them allowed me to go over some of their clothing which had gotten a little faded in the last, erm, 20+ years !

These are also Gladiator Games crossbowmen - some are in the Frankish Crusades range, others in their Feudal and Medieval sections. 

The pavises are home made.

 I used 2 glued together business cards to get a pavise of the right thickness, then added a further thin strip of business card, over which I glued printed off pictures of some "real" reneactor pavises I found on Pinterest. 

The central added strip of card gives the finished pavise some depth and 3D-type effect, as a simple flat panel just doesn't really look right somehow.

I added in a few spearmen and officers to make the pavisiers a bit more, well, combatitive-looking too.

The level of detail you can get with a fairly normal modern printer is way beyond what I could manage myself with a brush - these ones did have a few blobs of gold and bronze added to them though, so there is some artistry there on my part!

These are halberdiers from Roundway - originally they were based on 2 DBx bases 4 men across, but in transferring them to ADLG double-ranked bases I've put 7 figures on each base as it still looks like a close formation unit but with a bit more space to see the figures - and swing a halberd around too!

These are my go-to generic "medieval halberdiers" for mamy armies. 

They are also almost colourful enough to play as Swiss if needed.

Basing them as 7's left four spare figures, so adding in a couple of spare Essex halberdiers also gave me an extra Medium Foot halberdier - who almost certanly will be Swiss at some point!

Here's the double-double ranked version of all 28 of them.


Drew Jarman said...

Tim, you should do a before picture to show how refurbishing old figures on sad tired bases can make the difference to even average quality figures.

Phil said...

Cracking job on them, splendid troops!

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