10 Feb 2022

Alicante Ahoy!

Bob Dylan once famously sang " With God On Our Side..."  but he probably wasn't referring to The Peoples Crusade and it's somewhat over-optimistic efforts to secure an unlikely victory by sending a load of inexperienced pasty-faced ill-prepared northern Europeans to the furthermost shores of the Mediterranean.  

But, that description would in fact work perfectly to sum up the latest Madaxeman match reports - as a Early Crusader Peoples Crusade Army sets off for some highly unfeasible combat in the Alicante ADLG competition in a first post-Lockdown overseas trip for the CLWC posse. 

The match reports show the Peoples Crusade - an army made up of mostly poorly armed levies - take on 2 Ghaznavids, Maurice's Byzantines, the Samurai and finally The Vikings in 5 fully religiously inspired and Hermit-endorsed battles. 

There is also plenty of pictures of local feed and drink in various states of consumption, and the usual melange of captions, animations, weird links and strange combat outcomes as a wall of peasantry take on these cinco Dark Age military behemoths 

Peter The Hermit didn't sadly have wifi in his cave, so this is your first ever chance to see an online report of how the Peoples Crusade actually marched, fought and on occasion won as it trampled across Europe on it's way to the Holy Land.

In a new initiative there is also an accompanying Spotify Playlist to go with the reports, ensuring your are listening to suitably religiously inspired music when reading the tale of combat and disaster.

And, in a dubious quality auditory experiment there is also a multi-part podcast that includes several sections which are recorded live from a bar midway through the competition.

Its all waiting for you, in all formats. 

If you want to resist, you probably don't really have a prayer - so why not plug in, tune up the hifi and hide away with the army of Peter The Hermit in these latest Match Reports

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