4 May 2023

Indian Chariots from Museum's Z-range

 Museum's annual January sale is always a good opportunity to buy something I don't really need, and this year was no exception. 

Amongst the bits and bobs to round out existing armies I picked up 2 more Indian Chariots - this time from their new Z range to go with the original sculpts of the 2 I had somehow acquired through complete accident in previous years. 

And here are both of the chariots together - all done in contract paints (of course) for the bright colours and also giving great texture for the crew's skin as well.  

I sort of got mixed up with which crewmember went with which chariot, and I'm not entirely sure where the guy with the palm leaf is supposed to go - but as he is so much fun I squeezed him on the base anyway!

The commanders chariot head on - I used ArmyPainter Speedpaint Holy White for the pale grey horses here 

The ringed effect on the brolly is just an artefact of Contrast Paints - not painted by me at all. The color is Magos Purple.

I now have all 4 Heavy Chariots for an ADLG Indian army - whether I will ever use them in anger is another question entirely!

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