13 Jun 2024

28mm Thracians

 I've already got a few Thracian infantry, enough to make an allied contingent for many ADLG armies, but I did want to add some light horse, cavalry and light foot to the roster - and so here they are.

These are Victrix plastics done very quickly with Contrast paints. The funky Thracian shield pattern is actually half of a 15mm shield transfer onto which I've painted the whites and, erm, "reds" of a pair of eyes. 

I didn't quite have enough "Thracian" shields going spare so some of these chaps have picked up Successor cavalry shields (and matching LBMS transfers) to make this a semi-mercenary unit, depending on which way round you look at it from. 

I also seem to have gotten some form of gunk on the back of this guys tunic (in the grey - which is Warlord Holy White on a white undercoat), which is a bit of a PITA as I must have missed it earlier in the process.

Very chuffed with the arm muscle definition on this one with the sword. Flesh "normal" paint on a Contrast base layer of Darkoath Flesh on white undercoat.

The figures have great faces using the Thracian / Dacian heads from another sprue 

These are the cavalry - again using Dacian heads, and this time a mix of Gallic and Successor shields. The chap in the middle may be a Greek Cavalry body but I seem to have an odd number of them and the Gallic armoured horsemen so perhaps I swapped sprues with someone at some point?  

The horses work really well I think with these contrast paints on a white base. 

As do the cloaks

Great animation on the faces from Victrix that the contrasts (+ drybrushing) really pick out well 

I also added a couple of bases of light foot javelinmen to give the contingent some dedicated (very) rough terrain troops.

Again 15mm Gallic VVV shield transfers provide a template for an "eyes" effect shield design 

The painted-on musculature rounds them off quite nicely. 

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