9 Jun 2024

A few more 28mm Hellenistics

 Slowly making their way to the "done" pile of my 28mm Successor and Hellenistic project are some more pikemen, and a rather random find of what I suspect may be very old Wargames Factory Hoplites 

These are the second base of Mercenary pikemen - another great set of LBMS shields

This time I elected to do a few more of the edges in colour, rather than aimong to put metallic rims on them all 

They still have a lot of random heads though, as befits a random collection of Mediterranian mercenaries 

A LOT of different headear going on here 

And with the full set of, erm, one other base. 

The Elite Argyaspids also got a second base of pikemen

The new base doesn't have the commander and standard bearer figures on it 

These are the slightly smaller and slighter hoplites - I ended up with 24 of them pre-made but unpainted 

Shields are LBMS and some upscaled homw brew waterslide transfers using images found online 

At this stage I'd just used Darkoath Flesh as the flesh - no highlights on these - but I did add some flesh paint highlights lafter this was taken

They are all about the shields really - but honestly the Victrix figures of today are much nicer

Even a few left over to do an officer base (as I could only fit 7 on each 60mm base really)

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