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23 May 2014

By Fire & Sword Ottoman and Polish Commanders

At Salute 2014 I picked up a lot of stuff I didn't really need - but this sort of fell into the "might be able to justify" category - commander packs from Fire & Sword for Poles & Ottomans.

Admittedly it was as much about seeing what these figures looked like in the flesh as any real need to add more generals to these two underpowered FoGR armies, but I was pleasantly surprised by how much "stuff" each pack comprises. 6 Generals/officers/Musicians, wire spears (pretty long...) which are the pointed type, plastic bases (for By Fire & Sword rules I guess) and some nice high resolution flags on good quality paper.

The figures are now undercoated and added to the painting queue - from first impressions they are a bit lanky and the horses are the same, but the detail is very good if a little fine compared to some of my other figures. Pictures to follow when they are done (don't hold your breath..)

31 Mar 2014

QR Miniatures Pancerni

Just realised that I'd not posted any pictures of the Pancerni after putting up some carbine-armed horse from QR of Poland.

Well, here they are (click on any photo for a larger version)

I added the rather oversized lance myself - I think the figures actually come with swords and stuff, but I seem to have mislaid some of the hands (which are separate)

Nice to see someone actually shooting a carbine from horseback

This shows them next to Old Glory Pancerni. They are a little less bulky in these shots, but on the table the difference is really not noticeable at all.

16 Dec 2013

3 extremely well-plastered Match Reports..

Coming hot on the heels of the last lot, here are 3 more hardworking, professionally crafted well put together match reports that not only amuse and entertain, they also sweep up after they have finished and save up the earnings from ad impressions to send it back to their families

Yes, it's a Polish Army riding to the rescue in three reports from the Milton Keynes round of the Southern League 2013 !

12 Dec 2013

QR Miniatures Carbine armed Horse

Having been used in the most recent set of battle reports here's a clearer picture of QR Miniatures carbine armed horse.

These are one-piece castings that I painted in somewhat of a hurry, but wish I'd spent more time on as they are really finely detailed figures, in the "classic" 15mm scale as well. Ordered direct from Poland they arrived quickly and well  packed. I have some Pancerni who have been used but not photographed yet, and some Polish musketeers which are being painted at the moment too.

Click on the photo for a larger image.

19 Nov 2013

27 Aug 2010

New Poles out now from Vexillia

I'll be adding the photos to the 15mm directory and links to the Wiki shortly... 

20 Apr 2009

Oxford Doubles Report

Poles in action in a themed Eternal Empire competition - 4 match reports.

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