6 Feb 2008

Field of Glory Wargames Rules Selling well

Sales of Field of Glory rules are going really well via my Amazon affiliate websites, with over 50 copies sold in the UK, and about a dozen in the US.

Thats only for the rules themselves, so the army lists are selling nearly as well, even those which are only on pre release so far

The UK website has been expanded to be a comprehensive bookshop for all ancient armies, and the US one may be expanded too, basically if enough sales come from the UK to make it worth my while doing the legwork!

The UK site is at http://www.madaxeman.com/FoGshop.htm

The US one is at http://www.madaxeman.com/general/us_store.htm

I've tried a French one, but no sales so far :-( http://www.madaxeman.com/FR_shop.htm

Must be a good sign for the prospects for the rules eh ?

4 Nov 2007

its all over now

My last game ends up with a 10-0 win as the Gothic knights crash to their doom on a wall of supported spearmen, and the Dacian allies of the Goths decide to rush out of some brush, and find themselves fighting a losing battle against chariots.

The evil Reigate empire has picked up the trophy with Jason Broomers insanely effective Sinhalese army that I played a couple of years ago at Ascot picking up the prize.

Farewell DBM !!!

Roll on the new world order!



Its Linda Fairhurst and a Ostrogoth army with Dacian allies.

Hail Mary!

Wall to wall kn F


game 5


the Rus

Managed to hang on for a fingernails off the table edge sort of draw.



Sunday mornings game

And I'm playing Rus.

Or to use their full name, Fecking Rus.

Hoo bloody rah.

Maybe i should just get an earlier flight. My last DBM competition could end without s single win!


Heres the kind of photo you take after too much Guinness

So, where was Dave Madigan

Dave Madigan is a notable omission from this DBM swansong

But at least he was here in spirit

I'm also guessing the "food served daily" contains some fried elements

3 Nov 2007

Game 3

ends up as a close 6-4 win against Chris Smiths Pechenegs.

A terrain free table is swept across by my spear wall, but some terrible dice in bounds 2-5 and some dogged defending by the Pecheneg light horse and wagons means I only get one command and am about 2 moves short of being able to flee another command off table.

I am now languishing with 2 points out of 9. You may be wondering who's in the lead - well, I dont really know, and as we all sit in different rooms in the rabbit-warren like building to play frankly the leaders may as well be on another planet

Here are my spearmen trying to shove some light horse off a gentle hill

A couple of chariots beat themselves senseless against a wall of wooden wagons

Pecheneg is a large army. But you can fit it all in a fairly small space if you try


Right, now its time for a night on the lash!

Here's lunch

Just to prove its not possible to have too much Guinness and fried food.....

2nd game

A 5-5 draw against a shato turk army commanded by Mr Hessian.
48% casualties on both sides and both of us 1 element away from victory.
And a proper lunch hour in the pub, with Arsenal Man Utd on the telly to boot.
But my capacity for fried food is already being severely tested.


The Irish welcomed many foreigners

Some in-game pics

My blades wade into Tilmans bows

Two mounted generals get intimate in the rough

The Art I are not quite as clever as they hoped!

Heres some we drank earlier

In The Airport


In a pub

Heres Ruddocks sandwich

Nice of him to return it to the tray.

Fortunately, with so many wargamers around, it wasnt to last for that much longer

Friday night latest.

So, one game and one loss. Due to Guinness fuelled incompetence in losing a general who I probably didn't need to risk in an attempt to try and win the game early and have more bar time. A Burgundian army was my opponent if that's important.....

However its now eytinh close to double figures of Guinness pints. So the important things are going well.

Maybe get some photos up tomorrow.


2 Nov 2007

now here in dublin

looking for a bar, and also looking for the venue.

Usefully, I forgot the directions. and the iwf website is down.


at least a bar should be easy to find

2 pints

In the airport

European DBM Championships, Dublin

Yes, its 10am on a Friday morning, and after a late night at the Royal Naval College in Greenwich, (don't ask) my body and stomach is facing up to the prospect of Gunniess in the near future as I plan to head out to Heathrow to fly to Sunny (cloudy) Dublin!!

Luckily I had a handy translation guide to the local lingo..

Now, will we have time to do some shopping this afternoon?

11 Jul 2007

Warhamster Battle Report

My Devizes battle report has generated a fair bit of interest on the TMP
site - but mostly between myself and one other bloke talking about the
shooting rules.

No reaction from the Yahoo WMA group, nothing on BHGS Yahoo, and one comment
on the Yahoo DBMlist. I'm surprised there is nothing on Yahoo, as I havent
seen any groovy battle reports posted there before.

I should really have set up traffic monitoring so I knew how many visits
there were, but its a bit late now.

1 Jul 2007

Devizes warhamster Results

The result is... that I won!!

Nicked it from the far more experienced Clice with a massive 960 point
victory in my last game (he scored about 600 in winning his last game) - so
I won 3 games and lost one.

Even so, I still remain to be convinced about the rules !

26 Jun 2007

10mm ACW photos

I spent a chunk of the weekend photographing and uploading the pics of 10mm unpainted ACW figures, taken from the large batch of Pendraken stuff that arrived about a week ago.

Having this many photos has allowed me to implement a "full" searchable site for ACW 10mm photos, with sub pages for all the different manufacturers I am aware of - you can link to it from here.

There are pics of at least one figure from every manufacturer, and a full set of compare and contrast photos with different manufacturers side by side.

I'm expecting a load of Minifigs to arrive any day now, so that will also be another large addition to the directory - having painted models may be some time away though!!

24 Jun 2007

10mm Romans nearing completion

I'm almost at the end of a seemingly interminable project to paint up a 10mm
WMA Roman army. Its one of those thats dragged on and on - and now as the
first batch of 10mm ACW stuff is here, I'm desparate to clear the painting
table to make room for them !!

Almost done - but I keep finding new sets of straps and belts to add to the
"to paint" list before I can base them

still not decided if I will keep or sell them however1!

11 Jun 2007

Swedish Wargames Competition Terrain

The Scandinavian DBM Open 2007 kindly provided free "Rough Going" terrain for all competitors:

Pieces came in a standard 1 FE format, but could be nibbled to size as required.

This became much easier after application of a little cream cheese and a slice of smoked salmon.

Me within minutes of arriving in Stockholm

Hmmm... The Ten Poond Roond never tasted so good.

10 Jun 2007

The end of The Nordic Championships

Well, in a weekend of much excessive behaviour + well cost and wargaming wise anyway + the Vikings just about stagger away from Stockholm counting the cost in every way possible.

4 Games

2 wins, 2 losses

Out of 400 percent (of my army over 4 games) I suffered 297 percent in casualties

I had my largest command broken in every game, and this includes being totally eliminated (all killed in combat) in 1 of them and having none of its elemmemnts left on table in one other.

Ive managed to spend over 15o poinds on, erm, booze and a kebab. And I dont feel like Ive gone that mad....

cant wait to be back at work next week !

9 Jun 2007

First game

A 91 win after losing 33 out of 34.5 elements against abbasids.

Combat in bound 1 !!

A 27.5 ee command (of mine) totally eliminated!!!

THe Vikings have definately landed....

And we are now in the pub.


Having breakfast now, after spending over £50 on beer last night. Each. And
we only had a kebab.

£5 for 400ml of beer is a bit severe isn't it?

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4 Jun 2007

Stockholm 'Nordic Championships' 8-10th June

Here is an updated list for the coming weekend....
1. Jesper Ohlsson Later Carthaginian II/32
2. Niilo Kalakoski Pictish II/68
3. Hannu Uusitalo Fanatic Berber III/74
4. Kimmo Ylinen
5. Mika Mäkelä Early Samurai III/54
6. Tero Särkijärvi Minoan I/18
7. Arne Björk Order of St. John IV/56
8. Ulf Olsson Abbasid Arab III/37
9. Chris Smith Medieval O'irish IV/58
10 .Me!  Norse Viking III/40
11. Brian Holmes Mithridatic II/48
12. Ludvig Uhlbors Iazyges II/26 ( I know...)
13. Greg Mann Papal Italian 1283 AD III/72
14. Sebastian Routh
15. Andy Routh
The mystery armies are still in there. Not sure what Routhish will have in
it !

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