2 Jan 2021

About those new Warlord Games ACW figures....

 After breaking the internet in the last couple of weeks, the debate about how big the new Warlord Games ACW figures actually are shows no signs of abating, even now they are in many peoples sweaty post-festive hands as part of the cover-mounted sprue on the latest WI edition. 

I've actually got no dog in this particular race at all, as I already have a somewhat oversized collection of mostly original-Pendraken 10mm ACW forces for both sides which are based for Fire & Fury and are compatible with the armies of my mates with whom I hope to be playing large games at some point in the future... 

..but the legend that is @Petetentacles from Bangor has got hold of some of thenew Warlord Games figures, painted them up and photographed them next to Peter Pig and 10mm 'new' Pendraken - and here they are: 

From left to right these are : Peter Pig 15mm / WG "Epic Scale 13.5mm foot-to-eye but somehow also claiming to be 15mm too" strips / Pendraken 10mm  / WG Epic Mounted Officer / Peter Pig Mounted Officer.

I am reliably informed that all of the infantry are based on the same Peter Pig plastic 40mm x 30mm bases. The WG cavalry are on a on base supplied for the figure, the Peter Pig one on a 2p piece of similar depth.


(Enterprising folks are already selling the WG sprues on eBay. Here's an Affiliate Link to the UK listings, from which I might earn a few pence commission if you buy anything after clicking it).


TamsinP said...

Bleedin' 'ell! The cheapest listing is £5.50 plus postage for a single sprue (plus bases?) - you can buy the WI issue and get the sprue plus bases for £5.25.

As for the figure size, I'm informed that the nearest matches are Kallistra 12mm (a smidge smaller) and Freikorps 15 (a smidge bigger).

I think the main gripes people have are with the weird mix of hats and forage caps on the strips and the variety of musket positions. Oh, and the inaccurate 8-spoke wheels on the gun (should be 14-spokes). Never mind the uniforms and equipment. Then again, it is Warlord so you can't expect too much historical accuracy... *grin*

The other weird decision, given that Warlord have said they wanted people to be able to recreate epic battles of the ACW, is the decision to go with 100-figure regiments that will have a 30cm frontage. Effectively, the most that people could fit onto a standard 6' x 4' table is a division a side, with very little room for manoeuvre.

Another odd decision, assuming (as I believe) that the figures are digital sculpts, is that there are only two different "rank and file" strips on each sprue (5 of one, 4 of the other, plus a command strip). If they are digital sculpts, there is no good reason why they couldn't have shuffled the 20 different figures around to create nine different "rank and file" strips for each sprue.

alastair said...

I picked up a copy of WI today (the last one in the shop so that might be why they are going for higher prices on eBay). The figures look really good and if I was planning to start an ACW project this would be a great way to get it going, which I guess is Warlord Games' cunning plan. Luckily the ACW has never really appealed so I'll be passing my free figures onto a friend. Of course if they were to move into other periods....

I guess the 30cm frontage for units would look great in this scale with lots of densely packed units but not many of us will have the space for anything like that and I suspect individual bases might be getting fielded as brigades instead to make it all more manageable.

Khusru said...

I guess it won't be long before they are called 'heroic 10mm'.
Likewise, I am selling mine on eBay.
I do find it rather sad that another size has been added to the figure count. I t feels quite depressing. Why not 10 or 15mm?

Peter Alexander said...

Do they really work with 15mm? No.
I've been told that they might work with Kallistra 12mm ACW - can anyone support this?
although they come in strips they can be separated - selectively as some shoulders overlap - easily enough.
As much as I like some of their figures I have a problem with some of WG's recent rules. Like their 28mm ancients, but will never play SPQR with them.
Love naval gaming, but not playing Victory at Sea. (still on GQ). Cruel Seas is ok, but if you have to bring out a set of errata within a couple of months of publication of the rules... says a lot.

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