23 Jan 2021

Cruel Seas?

 In another strange diversion from the armies I'm really supposed to be painting, this week a pair of 'Free with Miniature Wargames" (or the other one?) sprues of Warlord Games Cruel Seas ships have elbowed their way onto the painting table. 

The actual reason is probably because I did some grey undercoat spraying of 10mm WW2 tanks last week, and it gave me a chance to quickly make up and spray these two as well - but either way, for a very simple paint job I'm reasonably happy with how they have turned out. 

The long thin ones are German S-Boats, and the others are American PT boats. I ducked the opportunity to try some dazzle cammo on them both as I'm currently wrestling with some WW2 German cammo and that's proving hard enough already!

This week has also seen the return of the Lockdown Podcasts, so if you are missing hearing 7 wargamers chat about stuff they've bought and painted recently make sure to download or stream the latest episode, which also features our first ever in-depth discussion about Yorkshire Puddings. 

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