7 Apr 2021

Museum Z-Sculpt Persian Sparabara and Immortals

 With the Cyrus' Mobile Tower having languished in the drawer since before Xmas last year, and with plenty of cavalry and ancilliary troops all done, finally the Early Persian army gets the core of it's troops - the Immortals and Sparabara:

For these guys I have managed to fit between 12-14 figures on each 40x40mm ADLG infantry unit base, leaving a gap at the front as well so the rear ranks are really crowded with archers 

I also followed up on my numerous "wallpaper" experiments with wallpapering the pavises of the Sparabara to make them more colourful and personalised - as usual just ssearching for "Persian Patterns" on Pinterest and Google 

My theory was that no-one really knows what they looked like, so why wouldn't they go personalised on the designs?

From the rear you can really see how they have been crammed in, using a variety of the Museum poses and equipment sets

There are cuirasses, petruges, no armour at all, helmets, hoods, all sorts really... 

I needed two bases to act as Immortals, and dithered about with how to represent them, finally chooing a unique, pointed-top spara and a common, 'posh-looking' design - after I stumbled on the design online.

I also added the standard bearers and musicians to the bases to make them even more obvious from the back as well

Each of the units has someone poking through the wall of pavises - these have a kneeling archer and a officer bloke with a small axe checking that the coast is clear

From the back you can see the real mix of Contrast and normal paints I used, as well as some of the very basic "spots and lines" patterns - with the figures this densely packed it is all about the mass effect, even though many of the patterns are not ones that would stand up to independent scrutiny! 

The cuirass-wearers were done with white undercoat, a wash with Skeleton Contrast, then the blocks of armour and petruges painted in Ivory.  

It's all about the figure density

The second tranche of 'normal' Sparabara

Another spotty mass of humanity. 

Hopefully this is the view I will see most often! 

Here are some of them with Cyrus' 10mm Pendraken Siege Tower 

And all in a row

And, all the colours from the back!


Phil said...

Gorgeous units...and the splendid shields add a lot!

Vexillia said...

Very adventurous. Spots & stripes: all the Lockdown painting is paying off. Well done.

Paul Liddle said...

Very clever, very clever indeed. They look amazing.

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