21 Jun 2021

Forza Italia!

With a real competition looming, the personal painting has been tricky to fit in lately however the eBay campaign for selling Clive's stuff has thrown up some really nice armies this week, all of which are on eBay under my eBay ID of the_lithuanian 

The pick of the bunch is certainly this very, very nice (and large) 15mm Flames of War Italian army, with loads of customized options. 

There's so many figures, guns and tanks it'll be shipped in 2 separate boxes!

Also on the FoW front is this stunning Finnish army, with what looks like spring/summer and winter options. 

Not sure I've ever really seen that painting technique used on tanks that well before now.

On a totally different vein, there's also an "old school" Hinchcliffe/Garrisson/Lamming style Hellenistic Successor army that would make a perfect ADLG Successor force (with a spot of rebasing and some minor repairs) 

Great to see some of these old figures again! 

They are all on eBay now under the ID the_lithuanian

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