4 Jun 2021

Cold Wars 2020 (yes, 2020...) Match reports from the ADLG Singles Competition

In the dim and distant past, face to face games were played, and people crossd mighty oceans in metal tubes held aloft by the power of magic to crowd together in enclosed spaces and drink beer and eat chinese food. 

In that long-forgotten time an ADLG event took place in Amish Country - a land without Zoom in a time before ubiquitous face mask wearing. 

To this event went a brave and tiny Sassanid Persian army (with Alannic Allies), and, unearthed from the  swamps of time, archeologists have now found three brand new ADLG v3 Match Reports in a long-lost corner of Madaxeman.com

They are now most humbly presented here for your delight and amusement, along with an added bonus - The epic tale of the Sweaty Crocodile:

Go on, click the link. You know Dale wants you to... 


Chris Hahn said...

Hello there!
Thanks for posting these "old" reports. Thanks, too, for providing such a large amount of material for interested or like-minded gamers to digest.

Given your vast experience, I was wondering (speaking as a student of ADLG; maintaining a C average, unfortunately) if you have any thoughts about the differences or advantages of Version 4 of ADLG versus Version 3 or the 3rd Edition?

Also, I was wondering what has been the largest ADLG game you've played or been witness to? Have you ever tried a 600-point per side contest? How do you think these rules would do if used to refight something like Zama or Gaugamela?

Thanks in advance for your times and comments. Good gaming!


Madaxeman said...

Hi Chris

I think the general consensus is that v4 is a timely freshen-up and tidy-up for a system which was already pretty solid and which people were happy with, but which was just starting to have been played enough for folks to be able to see a future time at which they could become played-out (if that makes sense?). Fresh lists, a few small game balance tweaks and some of teh FAQ and queries incorporated into the main rules sorts all of those things out at a stroke, so yeah, it seems to have been well received.

Largest.. probably only 400 points I'm afraid. Getting more than, erm, "just me" in a room to game has been illegal for the last 18 months so there's not been much chance for big multi-player games - however pip based rulesets with fixed commands tend to be very easy to run as multiplayer so I don't see an issue with applying ADLG to that format at all.

Chris Hahn said...

Cheers and thanks for taking the time to reply and for replying so quickly.

Thanks for providing your two cents or pence worth re the 4th Edition. Not sure that I will take the plunge or make the investment and buy it however.

Thanks too, for answering the query about larger battles. Coincidentally, another blogger mentioned the same number of points. And of course, COVID did put a damper on things. A remark that doesn't begin to describe its impact.

Point taken about pip-based commands and multi-player contests. I guess I just found it odd that such a popular set of rules has not been employed in this manner.

Thanks again!

Madaxeman said...

Hi Chris

Aaaah - I meant that I;d not played any multiplayer battles, not that they don't get played at all.

CLWC has had some huge one-day games with half a dozen players on both sides, and thy have worked really well - but I guess it's more a case that if people involved don't write them up, they don't get mentioned or heard about

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