10 Mar 2022

Beachhead Ahoy!

 Back in the mists of time (OK, last month) a small and sadly somewhat malformed (more of this later...) Burgundian Ordonnance army took to the field in the hospitable surroundings of the Beachhead show in Bournemouth for 5 games of Post Manzikert ADLG.

As well as continuing the tradition of gaming in South Coast resorts this did mean some refurbished figures making their first appearance, and also marked a rather radical departure from the hordes of crap approach of the Peoples Crusade in my last competition appearance, with the Ordonnance barely achieving half as many units as Peter The Hermit's Crusade of Nonsense

With about a zillion other events and competitions coming up I ended up taking a different approach with these reports, with more top-down photos and a video format in which I basically natter on over a slideshow of photos, and tryto remember what on earth I was thinking and/or hoping to achieve during the 5 games. 

The resulting reports are about 50 minutes of YouTube video, and include all seven of the lists involved - thats 5 of my opponents, my own list, and finally a minimally-corrected version of my own list after someone pointed out to me that both myself and the list checker had missed something! 

So, fire up the widescreen TV for 50 minutes of minimally informative video entertainment as we take you down to the seaside yet again for Post Manzikert-themed L'Art de la Guerre at Beachhead 2022!

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Philip_Mackie said...

Not surprised about the list checker missing something. My list was ‘corrected’ but incorrectly by their misinterpretation of the way the published list is laid out. It made no difference to me other than having to paint a different and extra unit up for the competition.
It’s a thankless job list checking.

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