30 Mar 2022

Burton Doubles - Is it now safe to sit quite that close ?

 The UK L'Art e la Guerre circuit continued its return to full-effect with the 2022 edition of the near-legendary Burton Doubles taking place in the traditional; Town Hall venue in February, and of course a rather haphazarly assembled Khurasanian army was there to partake of all of the glory that the home of British Brewing has to offer.

In these four full-colour match reports you can see Dailami Warriors fighting Viking Huscarls, carpet-wearing elephants taking on the Beja Camel Corps, Arabesque bowmen invading the spicier parts of Southern India and a wall of steel-clad cataphracts slamming into another wall of silk-clad spearmen in 4 epic full-screen battles.

There is of course the usual mix of captions, comments, commentary and analysis from expert pundits Al'Shearer and Hannibal himself, a rather brisk passing mention of some of Burtons more exotic restaurants, and, as an added bonus, a video of wildlife-celebrity Chris Packham's favourite dance-floor filler as well. 

Don't dare ever say we don't give you anything that you could get elsewhere in wargames social media world

Roll on and enjoy the Reports!    

(And remember, if anyone asks, tell them that the Al'Shearer Infantry told you to do it .. !)

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