11 Nov 2022

A few more bits and pieces

The lead pile clearing continues with the following, some of which have actually been done for a while but haven't been photographed before now.

These are Blemmye cavalry from 15mm.co.uk - possibly to feature as African Kingdoms or even top quality Numidians at some point in future. 

They are (typically for 15mm.co.uk) rather small as this comparison to some Old Glory/Exxex Numidians shows

An Essex scythed chariot, made bold (and done easily) with Contrast Paints

Forged in Battle Numidian foot, given slightly bolder shields than my first pass at this lot had ended up with

These are I think Donnington, and were some of the refugees from Clive's collection that didn't go into a complete army 

3D printed chubby Samnites, upscaled from 10mm 

Xyston Ancient Spanish - a spare few figures I didn't paint when I did my Spanish army some time ago 

More of the 3D chaps 

I also have repainted an old Mirliton Late Feudal army - these are now mixes crossbow/spear militia, with printed shields/pavises. The crossbowmen may have some Essex dudes in there too 

Another couple of units with printed shields. I mean, who could expect me to paint THAT ! 

Teutonic Brother Crossbowmen with printed pavises   - these are Gladiator Games figures. 

1 comment:

caveadsum1471 said...

Lovely mixed bag of figures, I like your chubby Samnites!
Best Iain

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