28 Nov 2022

Fireforge Feudal Knights

I've been gradually building out a Feudal Spanish/Taifa army from the basis of my existing 28mm Arabs, a handful of Norman-style spearmen and some bring and buy metal knights, but what's been missing has been some "not all fully caparisoned" knights to distinguish the Elite from the Ordinary.

So, when shopping at SELWG, a box set of the Fireforge Templar Knights ended up being the solution, and here they (already) are:

I recycled some very old Space Marine waterslide transfers for these, as my painting isn't neat enough to do sharp-edged crosses

The guy (or as they are a kit, the arm) with the flail is pretty cool. The sprues come with more than one of these so my next Almughavar base may end up with a guy armed with this too!

More upcycled Space Marine graphics - I very roughly painted in some extra texture into the white-only transfers of the Pegasus and the stag's head to give them a bit more depth.

This guy doesn't have a weird helmet - its the mace of the guy in the middle (who also has a GB Arab head to make these feel a bit more El Cid "Spanish Reconquista" era) 

The painting-in is more visible here on the barding

Every time I do it I regret starting a check pattern, but this one is not too bad IMO

A jolly nice set which have painted up quickly and effectively! 

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