22 Nov 2022

Elephants Sir! Faarsands of 'em!

 In the margins of the recent SELWG show in Picketts Lock a well-padded BHGS Teams event took place with sets of three players contesting ADLG glory in three well-themed pools - including Maximum Elephants!

This was where I deployed the might of the Delhi Sultanate for the first ever time in an army packed with grenade-throwing skirmishers, top-drawer Mughal Guardsmen, Abyssinian Melee Specialists and of course three full-fat Armoured Elephants.

Read on to see how this hodge-podge of combat capability fared in 5 lavishly illustrated Madaxeman battle reports aginst the Timurids (twice), Alexander The Great, The Seleucids and also an Indian army from an earlier era.

Swoon as the elephants charge forward into the jaws of melee!

Gasp in awe and delight as brightly coloured warriors engage in mortal tabletop combat

Groan at the endless poor puns and irrelevant animations gratuitously stuffed into the narrative!

I even throw in some very old holiday snaps for you as well !

All 5 reports are now on the Madaxeman.com Website

1 comment:

Exrex Somme said...

Just want to say I enjoy your battle reports and I hope you keep doing them.

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