28 May 2024

Successor Hit Markers in 28mm

I'm gradually assembling specialist casualty markers for many of my armies, and the latest set are for my 28mm Successors

Luckily Victrix include a lot of extra shields in their packs, especially for cavalry figures, and of course over the years I have accrued many metal and plastic ones from other sets so I have a lot available to make these three types of marker

In a rocket-science level bit of planning I use 3 shields for 3 hits, 2 for 2 hits and a single shield for one hit.

I've even splashed out and used up some un-needed LBMS transfers on some of them - possibly the most expensive casualty markers in the world!

 I always give them a few thick coats of liquid poly varnish before finishing in matt varnish, as they will inevitably get chucked in a bag somewhere - so a few coats of poly tends to make them pretty scuff-proof 

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