9 Mar 2011

Testudo Figures available in the UK

I just received the following email from Pete Dalby - good news for anyone who likes Testudo miniatures! 

"I’m delighted to say that Giuseppe Rava of Testudo Miniatures has very kindly agreed to let me distribute his excellent miniatures in the UK.

His 30YW / ECW figures are arguably the best available in 15mm.  They are to Renaissance what Xyston are to Ancients.   If you’ve not seen them before I’ve created albums on Photobucket where you can see the figures in all their glory.

In bringing these figures to the UK market I have looked at the pricing of similar quality figures – Xyston, Corvus Belli, Venexia, Mirliton etc – all of which are at the top end – versus the staple of the UK wargaming scene – Essex.

The good news is that my prices will only be pennies more than Essex per figure – and cheaper than all of the other manufacturers I’ve mentioned.

If you’re playing or collecting in this period – you deserve to have figures of this quality – so treat yourself.

This is a new venture for me and initially I will not have a website.  I am just about to place my first bulk order and it would be great to hear from you on what figures and volumes you might be interested in with no obligation.  Please email me at peterdalby@talktalk.net   If you are interested in the other Testudo ranges please let me know.

You can view the full Testudo range at their own website here:

My prices per pack will be as follows:

Foot (10 figs) - £3.60
Foot Command (12 figs) - £5.20
Horse (5 figs & 5 horses) - £4.00
Horse Command (6 figs & 6 horses) - £5.20
Personalities (5 figs & 5 horses) - £5.20
Artillery (2 guns & 6 figs) - £6.00
Pack of 40 – 50mm wire pikes - £3.60

All packs contain a mix of poses.  Pikemen do not come with pikes.

The only other cost to you will be UK postage which will be via Royal Mail and commensurate with the weight of your order.  I will invoice you via Paypal.

If you’re still not convinced check out these photos from Mark Kernan of TheOneTree painting service – all using Testudo figures.

I hope to hear from you soon – go on – you know you’re worth it!



6 Mar 2011

More 28mm TYW / ECW Figures

Some work in progress shots of the Warlord Games (and others) 28mm army - this time, Cuirassiers, casualties Mounted harquebusiers and baggage.

It's almost finished....

2 Mar 2011

Videos on YouTube

Just added a couple of helicopter videos onto YouTube. How low can an Apache fly ? This low maybe?  What about a Chinook or a Blackhawk?

16 Feb 2011

5 More FoG Renaissance lists added

5 lists for FoG Renaissance added, from the Usk 2011 competition. Swedish, ECW Royalists (x2), Hugenots, and Restoration British all at 900 AP

15 Jan 2011

Warfare Reports now posted

4 reports now posted from Warfare 2010 Classical period. See the Marginally More Morally Bankrupt Dominate Romans in action against two lots of EAP, some Huns and some Bosporans.

Added snippets of embedded commentary from Garibaldi and Napoleon throughout the reports

2 Jan 2011

New Year Sales & Offers

A number of manufacturers run special offers in January, so I'll be posting those I know about here:
  • Museum Miniatures - 25% Off all Figures, Armies, Equipment and 1/300th WWII aircraft, plus no UK VAT increase.
  • If you know of any more, just drop me an email at the above address and I'll add them to the site.

19 Dec 2010

Hubcon IV Now Posted

Hubcon IV Report now posted, complete with a video report on the game featuring commentary from the Queen of England and History's Greatest Ever Genius (honestly, yes...)

14 Dec 2010

Armed Forces Museum

Just come back from a trip to Florida where I visited the surprisingly decent Armed Forces Museum. It;s the personal collection of a single chap but laid out as if it were a "proper" museum - and very well done it is too.

It has a collection of artefacts from WW1-modern day, with themed areas for several major conflicts - the oddest thing about it is that it's in a nondescript industrial unit tucked away at the back of an estate, just off a minor highway.

Anyways, some of the photos are a bit blurred, but you hopefully will get the idea. Worth a trip if you are down that way.

13 Nov 2010

Hubcon Game 2

Second game from Hubcon now posted - playing against the Roberto Mancini of American Wargaming !

Forget "300", this is 3000 !

There are now more than 3,000 pictures of figures in the 15mm Photo Gallery. This is number 3,000. Latest additions include the Lurkio Range.

Lurkio Figures now added to the Manufacturers list

A new UK based manufacturer, with (currently) one range of Sassanid Persians now added to the Manufacturers page.

7 Nov 2010

10mm Warmaster Teutonic army for sale

I'm currently selling a 1000+ point 10mm Warmaster Teutonic Army on eBay - auction ends on Sunday 14th November. These are some pics of the chaps - look on the eBay site for item number 290497570687 to see more,

The link to the items is here - Warmaster Teutonic Army on eBay - bid away as the auction ends on Sunday 14th November !

More Central London news

The Club has now consolidated on one new venue, and so now meets on each and every Monday at "Escape" which is just by Mornington Crescent Tube. The new venue and night starts from 8/11/2010 as after The Perseverance turned into a trendy wine bar the Cock also became a bit too untenable for all sorts of reasons. 

We have been at the Escape before, when it was known as the JD Sports Bar, and we had almost 8 successful years there so fingers crossed for the next 8 !

We still have no fees, no membership processes or committee, so the only rules are essentially to be polite to the bar owner and make sure you buy a few drinks each visit. 

21 Oct 2010

Central London News

It sounds very much as if the Perseverance pub has closed for refurbishment, and that the refurbed property will no longer accommodate wargamers. This means we are now officially back to only one night a week, which is Tuesday in The Cock.

20 Oct 2010

Hubcon Part 1

First Match Report now posted. (uh-huh!)
Elvis Hannibal...

12 Oct 2010

Hubcon reports underway

Just to let you know that the match reports from Hubcon are underway. There is also a very real chance that there will be commentary from Hannibal Elvis....

27 Sept 2010

14 Sept 2010

Final Oxford FoG:R Report

See what happens when Sir Henry Hannibal meets Swiss Tony !

"Playing FoG:Renaissance is like making love to a beautiful woman...."

6 Sept 2010

Oxford - FoG Renaissance Game 3

A Right Royal Catholic Civil War takes place. Click the photo to go to the Report

3 Sept 2010

More Rabbit related Wargaming News!

You may remember the rather disturbing Amazon thinks people who buy Richard Bodley Scott's books  also keep pet Rabbits posting on this site from a year or so ago? Well, in another bit of strange synchronicity, it turns out the the Rivermead Leisure Center in Reading, home to the annual Warfare show and competition is also hosting The London Championship Show - one of the key Rabbit-based event in the UK Rabbiting calendar.

Go Figure!

27 Aug 2010

New Poles out now from Vexillia

I'll be adding the photos to the 15mm directory and links to the Wiki shortly... 

15 Aug 2010

More TYW Pictures

Yet more 28mm Warlord Games plastics now painted ! The Armypainter Quickshade really works well on these, even if I say so myself!

13 Aug 2010

First FoG Renaissance Battle Reports

The first two reports (of 4) from Oxford FoG:R Doubles have been posted - TYW Catholics vs Swedes and then Ottomans. Get a feel for how the forthcoming rules work, and also meet the greatest general of the Renaissance age, Sir Henry Hannibal!

Clink on the links in this post to go to the report.

8 Aug 2010

7 Aug 2010

31 Jul 2010

Faenza III Now posted

Slightly shorter than usual, but I now have a backlog of 6 more reports to do...

17 Jul 2010

16 Jul 2010

Lots more Dullcote-ed TYW Pictures

The Testors Dullcote arrived in the post today, allowing me to matt finish my TYW figures. Here are the results ....
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