12 Nov 2023

28mm Hellenistic Cavalry

My Successor/Hellenistic project moves on apace, with a recent spell of dry(ish) weather allowing me to do some outdoor spray undercoat, and then matt varnishing to make a dent in the cavalry contingent of this almost-all 28mm Victrix army.

An ever-increasing proportion of my painting is drifting towards Contrast (and Speed..) Paints, and the horses in this army I think will all end up being completed in this "so good it feels cheaty and a bit dirty" medium. 

Agaros Dunes is the leopard pelt colour here, with the firm favourite of Warlord Holy White for the grey horse. 

These are Heavy Cavalry lancers - I replaced the Vixtrix-supplied lances immediately, as they are very obviously not going to stand up to any sort of wargame handling at all, and drilled out the hands (manually) to accommodate home-made spears from 1.1mm (0.45") styrofoam round rods from Plastruc. 

These are really flexible, so will bend but not snap while also being really lightweight - a great combination where metal spears of this length would no doubt end up getting caught while being handled and then would break off the guys hands at the wrist. 

The Plastruct material is also really soft, so I was easily able to squash the ends of each spear flat, and then cut it into a V shape to form spear points which are also wider than the spear shafts.

If you want to pick some up for yourself, here's an affiliate link to eBay UK https://ebay.us/QLbKOr (and if you end up buying anything from it I'll geta teeny tiny commission from eBay too!) 

These are javelin-armed regular cavalry - I think the spears are a mix of the Victrix originals and also some slightly more robust Gripping Beast ones from their Roman and Arab boxes. 

If you keeping all of the spare arms you can then cut some spear-holding hands off at the wrist, do the same with the Victrix guys wrists and then glue the GB hands and spears to the Victrix guys arms to give your troops more robust spears, straight out of the bits box  

The white clothing on these cavalry is normal white paint layered over a base of Holy White - shield patterns from some spare Hoplite waterlide transfers, on a shield painted with a Contrast Orange which I think gives a really good "it could be burnished bronze" effect.

More pics to come over the next few days. 


caveadsum1471 said...

Lovely looking 28mm Hellenistic cavalry , very nice and rapid!
Best Iain

Ray Rousell said...

Nice work!

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