24 Nov 2023

My first new Malifaux figure since November 2020

 Having started playing 'Faux again at Bad Moon, I've actually survived a few months before succumbing and buying a new model to add to my already ridiculously oversized "Arcanist" collection. 

This is - of course - one of the "new" cool pieces in the game, a "Reborn" version of the Arcanist Master Kaeris, who enables her crew to be played play in a different way as well as performing differently herself (as in, she runs straight through enemy models and sets them on fire, as opposed to "original" Kaaeris who shoots them from a distance and also sets them on fire). 

Of course, starting with a load of fire after a 3 year absence from painting 32mm one-off Malifaux figures is a bit of a challenge - especially as  my eyesight is not what it was when I started painting this range of figures back in 2014 (!), but for a first go at getting back into it I'm reasonably pleased with the results. 

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