20 Nov 2023

28mm Successor Light Cavalry

I've now done three units of Successor Light Cavalry, all using the Greek Light Cavalry sprue from Victrix 

These are javelin-armed cavalry, of course using LBMS shield transfers.

There is a great range of heads on the Victrix sprue, allowing me to have some with the floppy hats and others (probably of a higher grade) in metal helmets.

The white (or grey..) shield on the back guy is a healthy reminder that LBMS transfers really do need an imacculate white background - this one was off-white as the white spray undercoat had landed lightly on that part of the model, and I foolishly didn't overpaint it before applying the sticker. End result - an off white rather drab shield.

I've started doing the metal on my figures after matt varnishing them - it really means it does shine, especially when using Game Colour Brassy Brass 

Annoyingly I noticed that I'd missed the back of one shield on this guy - it's now been painted over! 

I made up one unit s Promodroi light lancers - again using the same Plastruct rod as on the previous cavalry. 

I think the shield colour is actually Iyanden Yellow, which has pooled nicely to gve a burnished  bronze effect before applying a waterslide transfer.

This arm looks at a funny angle in this shot, but is OK in real life (honest) 

Gryph-Hound Orange makes a great and distinctive "posh" tunic colour to really make these guts stannd out as a unit to watch on-table I think !

More horsemen to come soon...

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