30 Nov 2023

28mm Successors: The Companions

Adding to the set of mid-range Hellenistic/Successor cavalry from my 28mm mostly-Victric project, here are some top-of-the-line Companions to give a cutting edge to the mounted wing of the army.

Being the elite arm of the cavalry, of course they all get purple cloaks 

I also used all of the horses with animal pelt saddle cloths on these - that means all of the horse are the same pose, but I find the figures are so dynamic that you don't really notice the similarities in horses. 

Linen armour is whie on a base coat of Army Painter Speedpaint Holy White 

Spears replaced by more robust plastic rod, as was the case with the other cavalry too. 

Animal pelts are Aggros Dunes from GW with brown spots in the main. 

Again as usual I have done the metal bits after matt varnishing to make then shine. 

The middle guy is the commander, so gets a snow leopard pelt as his saddle cloth. Don't tell David Attenborough though!

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