21 May 2021

Chariot Madness

 I'm not even sure how I ended up with these 4 (FOUR???!!) Essex Scythed Chariots - it's a figure/model that many people will own and recognise, and I have had these sat around undercoated yet unpainted for years as I have a couple of more robust chariots from an unknown manufacturer that I use for Scythed Chariots in my Hellenistic armies anyway.

But, with the sun almost shining and a need to make space in the Bisley drawers for some new armies the lead pile has been taking some paints to see if I can turn unpainted projects into eBay fodder - and these are the next in line. 

This guy was painted mostly pale blue, using Talassar Blue Contrast as a final "wash" coat. The scale leather armour is Skeleton Horde over shite undercoat, as are the horses

This one was a base of yellow, with Iyanden Yellow Contrast as a wash  

I'm almost tempted to keep them now - or perhaps I'll do some "wallpaper" for the final two and keep them instead! 

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