16 May 2021


 Just before Christmas (and the "B" word..) I placed an order with Guiseppe of Legio Heroica in Italy for a number of different figures to round out several armies.

The biggest batch were Ottomans, allowing me to transform my existing 15mm "Generic Arabs" into a convincing-enough Ottoman force - and now a mere 5 months later I've managed to get them finished.

These are from the Siege of Vienna range, but other than a few easily-overlooked pistols in holsters on the commanders figures they look just fine to my untrained eye for the Elite Sipahi's of the Ottoman Medieval army

They will be the two units of Impact Bow Elite cavalry in the army list, whether they do technically have an embedded General or not.

As they were the Elites, I painted the lancer figures up in uniform red. 

These are regular Sipahi - these two units are almost totally unarmoured, so can play as Medium Cavalry if asked.  The main colours are done with GW contrast paints for extra depth and a silky-effect.

The spears on all of these are bristles from a brush-head I bought some months ago, having read about it on wargaming forums for decades but never quite believing it. Trust me, it works and is a lot cheaper than buying spears commercially! 

These are all wearing chainmail, so are Heavy Cavalry in ADLG world. 

From the back you can see the distinctive red and white headgear

There's also a base of LH - I really should have bought a couple more, but some Arab horsemen will just have to turn out for the LH troop I suspect. 

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