27 May 2021

Flames of War eBay listings for Clive

One of our club members, Clive McLeod sadly passed away a little while ago, and I'm now one of the people helping his family sort through and dispose of his wargaming collection. 

He had a number of rather nice Flames of War armies, but with not all that much FoW being played at CLWC at the moment I'm now listing a couple of them on eBay now, and will be posting another one later, with all proceeded going back to Clive's family. 

The armies listed at the moment include a rather stunning Free Polish Armoured Division and a large  many-options Hungarian force. In a couple of weeks (possibly after the new FoW book comes out on June 13th) I'll also be listing a brilliantly customized Hungarian Student Defence Brigade army complete with custom-made "comedy" booby-traps - although if you remember seeing it on-table somewhere before and are keen on it please get in touch directly.

The listings can be found here : My eBay Listings 

Here's some photos of the armies:

Hungarian Artillery

Hungarian Hetzers

StuG & Hungarian Infantry

Free Polish Armour

Free Polish Recce

Free Polish Commando's and Recce

Free Polish Shermans

Free Polsih Cromwells

Free Polish Armour

Hungarian Students

Hungarian Student's Booby Traps 

Hungarian Student Armour Support

Hungarian Student Recce / Armoured Cars

The listings can be found here : My eBay Listings 

1 comment:

Drew Jarman said...

Been following your messages with some sadness on the CLWC groups.io. Always a sad time when a wargamers much loved collection is disposed of. Drew

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