31 May 2021

28mm Kitbashed Thracians - WiP

 One of the back-burner projects I have is a 28mm Hellenistic army - I've been slowly buying the figures over the last year but not really starting it until I have them all in hand (and have finished many other projects first too!).


...I've been wondering if I can kitbash some Thracians out of the Victrix Peltasts and their Dacian Warriors kit, with the Dacians providing heads, arms - and romphias - and cloaks from some of the excess spares that Adam has collected in building his own proper Dacian army.

I've done a single test base so far, which is yet to have static grass and tufts added, and is also yet to be matt varnished, but is now at a sufficient WiP stage to be worth sharing:

 LBMS "peltast" transfers of course, picking out the more "Thracian" (yeah, right...) ones. If you look carefully you can see that some of the hands are "reversed" where I decided it was perhaps too hard to trim off the wrists and repose left hands to right hands - but you do need to look quite closely indeed!

I'll try and get them finished off and varnished in the next week or so. 


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