19 May 2021

Medieval Apocalypse - in 10mm !

 Listeners to the Podcast may have heard me mention some 10mm Barons wars-type medieval 10mm miniatures a few times, as Ryan from Apocalypse Mini's was kind enough to send me a few samples. 

I've not really got a plan to build a 10mm army, so they have languished a little in the lead pile, but finally I came up with a plan to potentially use them as game counters for some very lightweight Medieval board games which came as part of a Battlegames book about "Knights at War" which I've owned since I was a kid - it probably helped propel me into actual wargaming if I'm honest, so whilst the games are pretty flimsy I have a lot of affection for them even now.

There's a mix of foot spearmen, mounted knights and retainers, all of which I've done in basic Contrast paints and then based up on 15mm rounds - ideal to act as 3D game counters

Not bad at all!     Now... I wonder what other games I can use them for... maybe I need to buy Kingmaker, and then a few more of these figures... aaarrgh!! 

1 comment:

Brian said...

Why not take a look at "Knyghte, Pyke, and Sworde" from Nordic Weasel? Ivan's got a flair for writing fun rules and KPS is for medieval skirmishing.

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