6 Jul 2021

Brand New Battle Reports!

Yes, after a near-18-month hiatus I have actually played in a real live competition and almost-immediately written up 5 all-new battle reports from the recent 3T's competition held in York

This means that the commentary alongside the photos might actually bear at least a passing resemblance to what actually went on on the tabletop during the games - and I may even remember some of the results as well. 

The reports also feature many references to roadside retail establishments on the Great North Road, as well as the usual animations, captions and speech bubble nonsense. 

The matches in question feature a lockdown-painted Thracian Army taking on all comers, in the form of Carthage, Palmyra, Sassanid Persia, Triumverate Rome and finally the Seleucids.   

The road to the competition also saw us visit the Newark Air Museum, and there's a separate gallery of photos from that trip now online too.  

Finally - of course - there are TWO Podcasts, one featuring the Madaxeman Podcast team trying to predict the winners from the event (before it happened) in a Euro 2020/21 style, and then a second , subsequent Podcast in which the Thracian list and four others are all discussed and evaluated. The List Pod is available on both Podbean and YouTube

21 Jun 2021

Forza Italia!

With a real competition looming, the personal painting has been tricky to fit in lately however the eBay campaign for selling Clive's stuff has thrown up some really nice armies this week, all of which are on eBay under my eBay ID of the_lithuanian 

The pick of the bunch is certainly this very, very nice (and large) 15mm Flames of War Italian army, with loads of customized options. 

There's so many figures, guns and tanks it'll be shipped in 2 separate boxes!

Also on the FoW front is this stunning Finnish army, with what looks like spring/summer and winter options. 

Not sure I've ever really seen that painting technique used on tanks that well before now.

On a totally different vein, there's also an "old school" Hinchcliffe/Garrisson/Lamming style Hellenistic Successor army that would make a perfect ADLG Successor force (with a spot of rebasing and some minor repairs) 

Great to see some of these old figures again! 

They are all on eBay now under the ID the_lithuanian

8 Jun 2021

More of Clives collection on eBay

 In a week of busy shed-excavating and bubble-wrap cutting I've now blitzed my way to a whopping 51 active eBay listings and counting as I continue to post items from Clive McLeods wargaming collection on eBay on behalf of his family.

This lot has a few ancients listings, but the vast majority is Flames of War and Dystopican Wars - the latter being a system I know almost nothing about at all. 

If you are in the market for some 15mm Ancients, or maybe a new FoW army or a couple of units, or a Dystopian Wars fleet why not have a gander at the epic display on my eBay listings page  ?

Here's just a few photos of what's on the slate at the moment: 

This and much more can be seen on my eBay listings page 


4 Jun 2021

Cold Wars 2020 (yes, 2020...) Match reports from the ADLG Singles Competition

In the dim and distant past, face to face games were played, and people crossd mighty oceans in metal tubes held aloft by the power of magic to crowd together in enclosed spaces and drink beer and eat chinese food. 

In that long-forgotten time an ADLG event took place in Amish Country - a land without Zoom in a time before ubiquitous face mask wearing. 

To this event went a brave and tiny Sassanid Persian army (with Alannic Allies), and, unearthed from the  swamps of time, archeologists have now found three brand new ADLG v3 Match Reports in a long-lost corner of Madaxeman.com

They are now most humbly presented here for your delight and amusement, along with an added bonus - The epic tale of the Sweaty Crocodile:

Go on, click the link. You know Dale wants you to... 

31 May 2021

28mm Kitbashed Thracians - WiP

 One of the back-burner projects I have is a 28mm Hellenistic army - I've been slowly buying the figures over the last year but not really starting it until I have them all in hand (and have finished many other projects first too!).


...I've been wondering if I can kitbash some Thracians out of the Victrix Peltasts and their Dacian Warriors kit, with the Dacians providing heads, arms - and romphias - and cloaks from some of the excess spares that Adam has collected in building his own proper Dacian army.

I've done a single test base so far, which is yet to have static grass and tufts added, and is also yet to be matt varnished, but is now at a sufficient WiP stage to be worth sharing:

 LBMS "peltast" transfers of course, picking out the more "Thracian" (yeah, right...) ones. If you look carefully you can see that some of the hands are "reversed" where I decided it was perhaps too hard to trim off the wrists and repose left hands to right hands - but you do need to look quite closely indeed!

I'll try and get them finished off and varnished in the next week or so. 


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